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Book cover of Natasha Prestons newest book, The Island. Photo Courtesy of

Review: The Island by Natasha Preston

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor April 19, 2023

Would you have said yes? With an invitation to an exclusive island with all expenses paid and more fame on their social media accounts, six teenagers find themselves spending one weekend together at...

Photo Courtesy of Lizzy Stewart on Taken from the article Raising Successful Children, by Madeline Levine.

Parental Expectations Have Taken Teenagers Hostage

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor April 5, 2023

Have you ever felt trapped from the unrealistic expectations your parents want you to live up to? Parental Expectations can be a source of motivation for teenagers to better themselves, however, eventually...

Photo Courtesy of Ivy Tran.

Why Caillou is the WORST

Griffin Scoggins and Ivy Tran March 29, 2023

We all remember this bald, whiny, and blatantly mean kid showing up on our TVs while growing up, otherwise known as Caillou. Personally, every time I saw him on the screen, I immediately changed the channel....

Poster created to spread awareness for Mental Health. Photo Courtesy of

How to: Mental Health Support

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor March 10, 2023

For the last few years, mental illness rates have skyrocketed and are affecting anyone and everyone. According to, "mental illnesses affect 19% of adults, 46% of teenagers, and 13% of children...

NEDA Week 2023

NEDA Week 2023

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor March 2, 2023

What is the purpose of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week? The ultimate goal of this week is to provide insight on eating disorders and spread hope to those families out there with a member in recovery....

Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor March 1, 2023

Books. Sometimes you see that one person in class lost in their own world, putting themselves in the false reality that the book has given them; however, there is more than meets the eye when it comes...

Photo Courtesy of Ivy Tran

On-Brand Items vs. Off-Brand

Griffin Scoggins and Ivy Tran March 1, 2023

Back in our days, we couldn’t afford the well-known luxurious On-Brand items. We couldn’t even afford Doritos man. Coming home from school, craving a cheesy snack, we would barge to the pantry door....

Photo Courtesy of Alfie Jukes Spiderwebs

Underrated Songs to Listen to

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor February 16, 2023

If you are always found with earbuds getting lost in the music, not paying attention to anything or anyone around, then these songs are for you. Music is such a fun way that people express their feelings...

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Freed

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Freed

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor January 30, 2023

Ms. Freed our new SGA sponsor is one of our newest additions to Collierville High School and has a lot to share with the student body. Although she may be new to the high school, she worked at Collierville...

Students React: Mental Health

Students React: Mental Health

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor January 26, 2023

  As more and more people start glorifying mental illnesses on social media platforms and schools, teenagers nowadays are struggling more than ever. With the glorifying of having a mental illness...

Country Mullets Need to Be Banned and Here’s Why

Griffin Scoggins, Humor Editor January 13, 2023

Vile. Foul. Greasy. Flat. Atrocious.   These are the words that enter my head when I stumble upon a person with a mullet. Mullets, aka the haircut that is described as “party in the back, business...

Photo Courtesy of

The Pros and Cons of BookTok

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor January 12, 2023

BookTok is a well-known community that originated on TikTok and is loved by many, but there are issues at hand that need to be addressed. Generally, this platform offers a variety of books targeted toward...

How A School Principal Spends His Sundays

How A School Principal Spends His Sundays

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor January 11, 2023

When I’m not busy running the school around, such as attending board meetings, answering a load of emails, or just connecting with the students, I use my Sundays as a way to decompress. During a regular...

Student Sample Pt. 2!

Griffin Scoggins, Humor Editor December 12, 2022

Did you find yourself scrolling through TikTok late at night, probably procrastinating homework because of the entertainment these short videos bring you? Did you also see those interviews throughout a...

Student Sample

Griffin Scoggins, Humor Editor November 16, 2022

Do you find yourself wondering the opinions of the students here at CHS? Do you love to have random people asking you dumb questions? If you answered yes to both and last edition wasn’t enough for you,...

Photo Courtesy of

Athlete Spotlight: Hannah Rawie

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor October 28, 2022

Many of you might only refer to Hannah Rawie as a down-to-earth soccer player; however, she is a lot more than meets the eye! As the team’s forward, who scores a lot of goals, the sport is something...

Sexism Has Become Far Too Normalized

Sexism Has Become Far Too Normalized

Griffin Scoggins and Amery Shive October 28, 2022

A study from the Harvard School of Education found that 87 percent of teenage girls and young women have reported being a victim of sexual harassment. But what does this stem from? Well, it all...

Photo Courtesy of Kennedy Lewis

Athlete Spotlight: Kennedy Lewis

Griffin Scoggins, Junior Editor September 9, 2022

  Many of you might know Kennedy Lewis only as a kind-spirited soccer player here at CHS; however, she is much more than that! As the team’s starting goalkeeper, her love for the sport goes back...

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