Choir Spotlight


Keira Williams, Staff Writer

Collierville High School choir is one of the many growing programs in our fine arts department. Led by Mr. Morrison, the choir program is growing quickly instilling the love of music to many Collierville students. Choir offers many opportunities for students including three types of choirs, concerts, festival, and field trips.

Recently, choir took a trip to England. The group mentioned the excitement of seeing famous European monuments and cathedrals. Some of the favorites included, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, Big Ben, and Stonehenge. One of Mr. Morrison’s favorite moments of the trip was, “hearing the choir sing in the acoustics of older European churches.” Students came home with an enriching experience and the pictures to prove it.

Collierville High School offers three kinds of choirs including: Mixed Choir, Treble Choir, and Chamber choir. Additionally, students take part in an event called Festival. Festival is described as “both exciting and nerve-wracking.” Students prepare all year to perform two songs for judges. Other choirs are welcome to sit in, meaning the performing choir may be singing for just the judges or even a full house. Collierville Choirs have consistently performed to an Excellent or Superior status for the past twenty years.

Choir has made a huge impact on students including Senior Elaine Lindsay who has been in school choir programs since the sixth grade. The choir program has given Elaine abundant opportunities and relationships. Elaine mentioned, “Choir has made me a better singer and has led me to so many new friends.” Something Elaine wishes more people knew about choir is that it is not all Oprah music and there is a wide variety in assigned pieces. Her favorite song this year was “My Soul Has Been Anchored.”

Sarah Woodard is also a senior and a member of Collierville High Schools choir program. Sarah has been in choir since kindergarten. She loves it and mentions “It’s my favorite part of the day!” Woodard also noted that choir has opened so many doors for her. Being in choir has given her access to new music. Additionally, choir receives feedback from different professors, and they attend choir conferences. She has been recognized at both all west and all state. Woodard’s favorite song the choir sang this year was “Exceedingly Glad.”

Collierville High School choir is continuing to grow every year. Mr. Morrison’s love of music and teaching is the crown jewel of the program. Choir continues to push for creative ways for students to express themselves and foster a love of music.