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Book Releases of 2024
Book Releases of 2024
March 25, 2024

A Guide to Sarah J. Maas

(No Spoilers.)

Sarah J. Maas is very well-known in the book community for writing high-stakes fantasy fiction. Especially prominent is her A Court of Thorns and Roses series, though her other two series have their own fair share of exposure.  

How many of you have heard all the hype about Sarah J Maas’ books, found yourself intrigued, and promptly didn’t read any because you’re either intimidated by the long books and series, or you have no idea what to read first?  

Well, I’m here to give you the run-down on her books, including the appropriate reading order, book descriptions, Goodreads ratings and opinions, and release dates for more books.  

 Maas has been releasing books since 2012, and they just keep coming. So far, she has completed the Throne of Glass series, the ongoing A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) series, and the ongoing Crescent City series. Now, don’t be scared by the surplus of books and the knowledge that there are more to come. Once you read a couple of her books, you might find yourself glad that the story continues. 

In terms of reading order, you technically can read the series in whichever order you would like. However, without giving anything away, it is highly suggested to read ACOTAR before Crescent City. In terms of Throne of Glass and ACOTAR, either one can be read first, though most believe Throne of Glass should be the first Maas series read. 


A Court of Thorns and Roses:  

ACOTAR is easily one of the book community’s favorite series, and that sentiment is widely shared. It has 2.2 million ratings on Goodreads alone and an average Goodreads rating of 4.2 out of five stars.  


ACOTAR follows Feyre (Fae-ruh) Archeron, a nineteen-year-old huntress and the main provider for her family. Her father and two older sisters rely on her skills and trades to keep them alive, but to do so she must venture into the woods she’s been warned to steer clear of. The deeper into the woods one ventures, the closer they get to the wall separating the human world from Prythian, the land of the Fae. And every now and then, things slip through the cracks.  

When Feyre kills a wolf in the woods one day, a terrifying being crashes through her door, demanding retribution. As it steals her away to Prythian, a world she’s only heard stories about, she discovers her captor is not a beast at all, but rather a powerful Fae named Tamlin. As she adjusts to her new life, she realizes not all the stories she’s been told are true and her feelings toward the Fae begin to shift from burning hatred into something closer to affection.  

But something is very wrong with Prythian, magic is struggling, horrors are emerging, and hope is fleeting. A shadow of terror is descending, and Feyre must find a way to stop it to save Tamlin and his world. 


So far, the series only consists of A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF), A Court of War and Ruin (ACOWAR), A Court of Frost and Starlight (novella), and A Court of Silver Flames. It’s set to have one more novella and two more books, though there are currently no release dates for them. All that we know is the next book Maas releases will be for this series. 

Things to know: While ACOTAR is technically an older YA novel, ACOMAF, ACOWAR, and A Court of Frost and Starlight are new-adult, and A Court of Silver Flames is adult. 


Current Goodreads Ratings: 

  • A Court of Thorns and Roses: 4.2 stars.
  • A Court of Mist and Fury: 4.65 stars.
  • A Court of Wings and Ruin: 4.47 stars.
  • A Court of Frost and Starlight: 3.78 stars.
  • A Court of Silver Flames: 4.46 stars.


Throne of Glass:  

Though ACOTAR tends to hold the title of the most popular Sarah J. Maas book, Throne of Glass poses a firm competition and is believed by some to be better than ACOTAR. It’s the first series Maas published and has continued to be well-loved after more than ten years. It has 1.3 million ratings on Goodreads, and a Goodreads average of 4.19 stars. This series is a whopping eight books long and the reading order is heavily debated. 

Reading Order: 

The Assassin’s Blade is a prequel book consisting of five stories (books 0.1-0.5 of Throne of Glass) about the main character set before the events of Throne of Glass. Some say to read it first, others second, others third, and even some say fourth. Personally, I chose to read it first, and I believe that was the best option. It sheds light on the main character’s past, making it easier to understand her and her choices while doing simple world-building. Reading Assassin’s Blade first makes it easier to dive straight into Throne of Glass’ story. Plus, because of the prequel, you’re already attached to the main character. 

Then, there’s the 5th, and 6th books, Empire of Storms, and Tower of Dawn. They take place at the exact same time, but their storylines don’t converge. It is because of this that people suggest reading the two at the same time, A.K.A tandem reading, with the help of a guide. I strongly suggest doing the tandem read; I did, and I found it to be quite fun. It makes the books one coherent storyline without feeling overwhelming.  

Without the tandem read, the timeline would be a bit messy. Since the beginning of Empire of Storms and the beginning of Tower of Dawn are set at the same time, if one were to finish Empire of Storms, they would have to figuratively travel back in time for the events of Tower of Dawn. Reading them together helps keep the timeline straight. 


Throne of Glass follows Celaena Sardothien, a legendary teenage assassin, as she fights for her freedom. The world is without magic and the king rules with extreme bitterness and cruelty. Celaena has spent the last year of her life in prison, surviving longer than the usual couple of months against all odds. The only way she can attain freedom is if she defeats twenty-three fellow criminals who have their own dark gifts in a competition for the king. If she wins, she will serve as the king’s champion. If she loses, the prison will once again be her only future. 

Through her time at the palace, she forms unlikely friendships with The Crown Prince, The Captain of the Guard, and a princess from a rival kingdom. But Celaena soon discovers darkness dwells in the palace when her competitors start dying one by one, setting her on a quest to discover and banish the evil of the castle. Suddenly, Celaena is no longer just fighting for her freedom, she’s fighting for her life. 


Throne of Glass is the only fully completed series Sarah J. Maas has written. It consists of The Assassin’s Blade, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms, Tower of Dawn, and Kingdom of Ash. 

Things to know: Throne of Glass is entirely YA, but on the older end of that range. 

Current Goodreads Ratings:  

  • The Assassin’s Blade: 4.26 stars
  • Throne of Glass: 4.19 stars
  • Crown of Midnight: 4.35 stars
  • Heir of Fire: 47 stars
  • Queen of Shadows: 4.59 stars
  • Empire of Storms: 4.61 stars
  • Tower of Dawn: 4.27 stars
  • Kingdom of Ash: 4.67 stars 


And finally, Crescent City: 

Crescent City is the newest addition to Mass’ bibliography and slightly different in style compared to her other series. Instead of taking place in a seemingly old, natural, world, this series takes place in a modern metropolis known as Lunathion or Crescent City. 


Bryce Quinlan was a certified party girl while still maintaining her work ethic during the day. She had the perfect life until the day she returned home to find her closest friends murdered.  Seemingly alone in the world, Bryce’s life turns into day after day of just going through the motions. The accused is behind bars, but the crimes begin again two years later. Suddenly, Bryce finds herself in the center of the investigation, dead set on catching the killer and avenging her friends’ deaths.  

Hunt Athalar, famously known as the Umbra Mortis, or the Shadow of Death, is enslaved to the Archangel running Crescent City, Micah. Hunt’s brutal abilities are fully indebted to Micah, and the Archangel utilizes Hunt as his own personal assassin. Freedom is far off, if plausible at all, until Micah strikes an irresistible deal: help Bryce find the murderer and Hunt’s sentence will be reduced. 

As Bryce and Hunt dive into the depths of Crescent City, they find that even Bryce’s friends kept secrets, ones that will change the investigation entirely. As a dark power constantly nips at their heels, they must act fast to solve the murder, and even faster to stay alive. 


Currently, the Crescent City series consists of House of Earth and Blood, House of Sky and Breath, and most recently released, House of Flame and Shadow. (Released on January 30th). Maas has stated that though she was only under contract for three Crescent City books, a fourth might happen in the future. 

Things to know: 

Crescent City is an adult series. 

Current Goodreads Ratings: 

  • House of Earth and Blood: 4.5 stars.
  • House of Sky and Breath: 4.53 stars.
  • Considering House of Flame and Shadow just recently came out, not enough people have read it for there to be a general Goodreads Rating yet.


Parting Note:  

Sarah J. Maas is a very, very well-known author, and her books are widely loved. If you’re planning on reading any of Sarah J. Maas’ works and would rather not have any major plot points spoiled for you, I suggest staying away from any social media regarding the series. I would even warn against looking at fan art. Spoilers are everywhere.)

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