Why Caillou is the WORST


Photo Courtesy of Ivy Tran.

Griffin Scoggins and Ivy Tran

We all remember this bald, whiny, and blatantly mean kid showing up on our TVs while growing up, otherwise known as Caillou. Personally, every time I saw him on the screen, I immediately changed the channel. Now, I am not condoning any sort of child bullying, but I am condoning calling out bad influences on the younger generations. So, here are just a few reasons why I believe that this bald kid deserves jail time instead of screen time.

Starting off, he cries over ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Now, is this a good influence on your kids? Absolutely not! His parents listen to him after he cries to get his way. Now if that were me, he would be grounded, drop-kicked, and banned from Fortnite. As someone who babysits kids (every day), I would have to be paid at least my college tuition to watch him. Now, it’s not a bad thing to cry, but using it to get your way is not a good tactic or influence on the kids watching. He would show up to a restaurant and ask if they served food, of course, they serve food! But, if you tell him that, he will literally start crying in the middle of the restaurant and rate it poorly on Yelp. His influence will raise a generation of narcissistic, bad-mannered, and overall annoying kids.

Adding on, he has no manners whatsoever. Within the show, he never thanks anyone or shows any sort of appreciation for his parents. He really grinds my gears as some would say. What if he had to go to a job interview? He would be the type of person to blow it because he yelled at the undercover CEO who was doing a social experiment. If you put him in front of your kids, they would grow to never appreciate you. Aren’t kids’ shows supposed to help them navigate the world and learn social skills? Clearly, this isn’t the show for that. He constantly treats people like they are out to get him, especially the time when he treated his dad terribly because he found out the circus trip was scheduled a day later than he thought. Come on now, we all know that if we ripped through our clothes and screamed at our parents, our trip would’ve been immediately canceled. But not for Caillou, his parents just smile and nod. Like what?

Alongside this, he teaches absolutely nothing. In every episode, there is nothing that deals with real-life school skills. It’s just a normal day with Caillou crying, seeing a friend, and nothing else. He’s a menace to society and is going to influence these kids to become the human embodiment of Reddit. He just needs to be stopped. In one episode, his family friend Sarah invites him to a school function, and he treats it like a free-for-all. He draws on the chalkboard without asking, demands to play, and whines about everything even though the event was a twenty-minute assembly. How embarrassing is that for Sarah and even his parents? Oh, and the best part is he comes home crying about the fact he didn’t get to read or write. This isn’t helpful for ANYONE out there and is just telling kids to be selfish and disruptive.

Ultimately, he is the biggest threat to our society. From crying over everything to throwing clothes around, he’s sending the wrong messages to kids out there. So, instead of playing him on the screen, please switch it to Ms. Rachel or even Cocomelon. The day he finally grows hair, all of our problems will be gone. We will have a peaceful utopia, a beautiful relationship and kids, and some pets. So, to get a step closer to this, let’s all collectively call him out. Once he realizes his mistakes, he will apologize for his actions, and we will all be happy.