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Hey! I’m Jason Dockstader, the Head Editor of the Dragon Spirit Newspaper. I’m in 11th grade and have been involved with the newspaper for too long at this point. This is my 3rd year of writing for this paper and 1stas head editor, though I have been editor in the past. I’m involved with CHS’s theatre program (if you spell it theater, get out), enjoy playing video games and composing music. I’ve been accepted in National Honor Society, Beta Club, and am an Eagle Scout. Though I might be Head Editor, I still specialize in humor and my main goal is to put a smile on your face. Thanks for reading our newspaper!

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Why Trees Shouldnt be in Your House

Why Trees Shouldn’t be in Your House

Jason Dockstader, Head Editor December 12, 2023

As a species, we have evolved significantly over the course of our existence. Back in prehistoric times, our ancestors lived mostly in caves and, later, huts. As housing developed, we grew to expand our...

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Christmas Music Shouldn’t Play in November

Jason Dockstader, Head Editor November 8, 2023

Let’s put this into perspective: Halloween comes and goes. It’s November 1st, you’re driving down the road, you turn on the radio, and become the Grinch. You change the channel, trying to escape...

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Why Halloween Shouldn’t Be Worshipped

Jason Dockstader, Head Editor October 26, 2023

Boo If you were just horrified, you’ve successfully been brainwashed. October has been coined the “month of spooks” when in reality it’s just another month, though slightly cooler. While the...

I...dont think thats healthy...
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Why Jump Scares Ruin Horror

Jason Dockstader, Head Editor October 20, 2023

It’s the season of spooks and the season of cheap candy. In this land of scares and horrifying amounts of candy, you really have to figure out the optimal way to make a small child cry because that’s...

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The Student Section- One Year Later

Jason Dockstader, Head Editor September 26, 2023

On August 19th, 2022, CHS defeated Woodpile 47-0, a mark of a great season. This was an outstanding game, but an even more remarkable event, not for what happened within the field, but for what...

So...What Exactly IS Homecoming?

So…What Exactly IS Homecoming?

Jason Dockstader, Head Editor September 26, 2023

As the dates for both the Homecoming game and dance become closer and closer, questions start entering our minds. Why is it so associated with football? Why exactly are we coming home? Why is it such a...

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The Unstoppable Cycle of School

Jason Dockstader, Humor Editor December 7, 2022

I’m sure most of you know about school, I’d be concerned if you had no clue what school was. I’m also sure many of you have gone through more than 8 years of school in your life. I also believe that...

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ChalkTalk: The Faulty Reason Seminar Exists

Jason Dockstader, Humor Editor November 7, 2022

CHS has been infected by the disease that is block scheduling, and everyone feels its sick effects. One of the more noticeable ones is Seminar, which is a 30-minute period of doing nothing. Because a lunch...

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What Your Foreign Language Choice Says About You

Jason Dockstader, Humor Editor October 7, 2022

Every student picks a foreign language to devote your years at CHS too. You aren’t told this, but you also devote your soul to this as well. You might think you aren’t predictable, but the language...

Athlete Spotlight: Aidan Glover

Athlete Spotlight: Aidan Glover

Braxton Groce and Jason Dockstader September 9, 2022

Aidan Glover, a transfer student from MUS [Memphis University School] has already made his mark on the Collierville Dragons Football Team. We got the opportunity to do an interview with the upcoming football...

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Holiday Décor Doesn’t Bring Good Tidings and Joy in September

Jason Dockstader, Humor Editor September 1, 2022

The harsh reality is that Christmas is far away. Before we even get there, we have to go through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and weeks upon weeks of hard school. This revelation is crushing for many people,...

A Diagram of the student seating, courtesy of Roger Jones on StudentSquare.

The Student Section

Jason Dockstader, Humor Editor August 31, 2022

Football games are and will probably always be the most popular attractions for students looking to socialize, hang out, have fun, and watch the dragons. Now the actions of a few put at risk the fun and...

Me trying to find a good thing that block scheduling brings.
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Why You Should Never Start School on a Thursday

Jason Dockstader, Humor Editor August 20, 2022

Let me paint a picture for you- you wake up, your alarm is blaring, it’s 6:00 AM (If you’re lucky), and then it hits you- the worst realization of all- it’s Thursday.  This year had a weird start...

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