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Charlotte Simmons, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Charlotte Simmons, and I’m a freshman. I write in the Arts and Entertainment section. I love to listen to music like Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. I love watching Netflix and taking naps. I am so excited to write for you this year.

Thank you!

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The Best Movies Ever Made

Charlotte Simmons, Staff Writer December 11, 2023

For generations, a variety of movies have made their appearance and have affected audiences in vast ways. This is all determined from different elements such as the cinematography, actors, music, and plot...

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Angel Numbers

Charlotte Simmons, Staff Writer November 17, 2023

Angel numbers are a repetitive or patterned sequence of numbers that are a sign of directionality and confirmation. These numbers can vary and each of them have different meanings. Here are a few angel...

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2023

Charlotte Simmons, Staff Writer November 6, 2023

Hollywood stars, models, actors, and many other celebrities have shown off their creative and fun Halloween costumes. Here’s a list of some of the fan favorites. Kendall Jenner dressed as Marilyn Monroe...

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Why Friends is the Best TV Show

Charlotte Simmons, Staff Writer October 26, 2023

Friends is one of the most beloved tv shows of all time. It has been over 25 years since the show first aired, but it remains popular. Here are a few reasons why Friends is the best show ever.  One...

Eras Tour Breakdown

Eras Tour Breakdown

Charlotte Simmons, Staff Writer October 19, 2023

Taylor Swift is a global superstar who is known for her major success in touring all around the world. She’s gone on a variety of tours, being the Fearless Tour, the Speak Now World Tour, The Red Tour,...

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