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Aubree Hastings, Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Aubree Hastings, I'm a News editor for Dragon Spirit News. I have a huge passion for writing and I hope to have a career that involves it!

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Christmas: Around the World

Aubree Hastings, News Editor December 18, 2023

Christmas is getting closer and closer for countries all around the world. For some countries, Christmas is a huge holiday; however, some countries don’t celebrate it at all. Let us look at Christmas...

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Phone Usage at Collierville High School

Aubree Hastings, News Editor December 11, 2023

CHS is a great school with amazing teachers, but maybe us students tend to rely on our phone a little too much, especially when it comes to socializing. I mean, how many peers do you see on their phone...

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The Toxicity of Tampons

Aubree Hastings, News Editor November 6, 2023

Period poverty is a growing problem but what if tampons were actually really harmful to the human body? Tampons especially are extremely problematic to the women’s body because of bleaching chemicals...

Crosswind students forming a heart after receiving their award.
Photo courtesy of Kristie Murin, principle of Crosswind Elementary School.

Collierville’s First Blue Ribbon School

Aubree Hastings, News Editor October 20, 2023

Collierville’s Crosswind Elementary school earned the National Blue Ribbon award on September 19th, 2023 once the Secretary of Education held a press conference announcing the National Blue Ribbon Schools....

Photo courtesy of Yale Medicine

The Side-Effects of Covid

Aubree Hastings, News Editor September 25, 2023

Covid impacted many children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens in 2020 to 2022. In America, there were positive and negative effects covid put into place. Covid is usually said to be a “bitter-sweet”...

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Spotlight: Mrs. Bell

Aubree Hastings, News Editor September 25, 2023

Ms. Bell is a student-loving teacher who accepts anyone for who they are, she has impacted this school by teaching US history, running prom committee, and being the FMP leader. She’s an inspiring teacher...

Homework: The True Feelings

Homework: The True Feelings

Aubree Hastings, Staff Writer April 6, 2023

Do you remember when you used to cry while doing homework with your parents? Well, what if we didn’t have homework to begin with? Many students believe that homework limits their free time, leading to...

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Aubree Hastings February 17, 2023

Prevent, plan, and practice. Fires can happen at any time, it’s important to act quickly to prevent them. Fires spread quickly, keeping your door shut can help prevent the fire from spreading. As most...

What Make-Up is Really Hiding

What Make-Up is Really Hiding

Aubree Hastings, Staff Writer February 3, 2023

We all know that tons of people use makeup; sometimes to help us feel better about ourselves, or to hide blemishes. For years, people have used makeup, but it might have a secret much larger than Victoria’s...

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