Celsius Flavors Review

Celsius Flavors Review

Annalise Argiro, Staff Writer

In a high school setting, every morning you will see students carrying Celsius energy drinks. Celsius is made to give you energy and burn body fat. Today, I am sharing a review of my least to favorite flavors. I have tasted 13 different flavors of Celsius and when I see students drinking my least favorite flavor, I wonder why they like that flavor.

Starting my list of with the worst flavor and in 13th place is Orange. If you like anything with the flavor orange, that is just weird. If you look on the shelf at the store you will notice no one is buying it. At this point, Celsius could just stop making it. People say it is a healthier version of Fanta. I don’t really think so.

In 12th place is Grape Rush. It tastes like cough medicine mixed with a little bit of a purple jolly rancher. People seem to really like it or dislike it. People online have said it taste like grape coffee.

Ranked 11th is Wild Berry. Wild Berry is one of the original Celsius flavors. I had high expectations for this flavor, but it did not meet them. It is just like grape with the same medicine taste. You can taste how fake the flavor is.

In the 10th spot is Raspberry Acai. Raspberry Acai is non-carbonated and has green tea in it. The after taste is sweet and coats the inside of your mouth. If you like cranberry juice, then you will like this flavor.

Peach Mango is ranked 9th on my list. Peach Mango is another non-carbonated flavor and has green tea in it. Peach Mango was the first flavor that included green tea in the drink. Monster and Bang, competing energy drinks, both use green tea too. It tastes like an artificial Arnold Palmer. Peach Mango does not smell good or taste good. It is very syrupy and has a strong fake peach flavor.

Coming in at 8th on the list is Watermelon. Celsius watermelon flavor is nowhere close to the flavor of a real watermelon. I know it does not have a lot of sugar, but it tastes blah. I had high expectations for the flavor but didn’t like it.

In 7th is Arctic Vibe. Arctic Vibe is one of the healthier drinks. The Arctic Vibe flavor is the same flavor of Wild Berry with a little taste of blueberry. To me it doesn’t have anything special.


Number 6 is Strawberry Guava.  People don’t really like this flavor because the Guava flavoring is very powerful. For me, I think it is a good mix of both fruits. It has a refreshing taste.

Now we are getting into the top 5 Celsius flavors. These are the flavors I will recommend to my friends that have not tasted a Celsius.

Number 5 is Tropical Vibe. The drink reminds me of summer. It tastes like a fresh pineapple with a hint of starfruit.  The flavors blends perfectly with each other. I never have a problem with this flavor however it always gets overlooked. The color of the drink does resemble pineapple with the bright yellow.

In 4th place is Fuji Apple Pear. It taste exactly like an apple. It does not taste like an artificial drink but more like apple cider. You can’t really taste the pear because the apple flavoring is very powerful. In some energy drinks, you can taste the caffeine flavor, but you can’t in Fuji Apple Pear.

The 3rd place finisher is Kiwi Guava. Celsius figured out how to use the Guava flavor. It tastes like a fresh fruit. This is the flavor I have told my friends to try and now they love Celsius.

The second-place flavor is Peach Vibe. Peach Vibe is almost all my friend’s favorite flavors. It tastes exactly like peach candy. When Celsius came out with Peach Vibe everyone was going crazy.

And the best Celsius flavor is Strawberry Lemon. It tastes like freshly squeezed lemonade. This drink is one of the best drinks for the summer. Before a workout or going on a walk, this will make you ready for your workout. The flavors don’t overlap; you can taste both Strawberry and Lemon.

Overall, Strawberry Lemon is the best and Orange is the worst.