CHS Dress Up Days, Worst to Best


Evan Kirby, Staff Writer

Collierville High School has many event days throughout the year to celebrate various causes and holidays. Most of these are dress up weeks where students dress up in different themes on each day of the week. We’ll have days as boring as pajama days and days as exciting as anything other than a backpack day. Today I will be ranking every dress up day that we’ve had this year at CHS from worst to best.

Last place (#21)- Dress up as a Mario Kart Character.

  • Taking last place, dress up like a Mario Kart character day was a fun idea but has gone down as the least participated dress up day all year.

#20- Mr. and Mrs. Put It On

– Coming In at second to last, Mr. and Mrs. Put it on day was a very confusing day that almost no one participated in.

#19- Wear White
– Next up is our most boring day even with high participation, wear white day is a very boring prompt that most people wouldn’t go out of their way to dress up for.

#18- Wear Blue
– Just like Wear white day the prompt is very boring, but at least blue is a bit more exciting than white.

#17- Wear Tie Dye
– Again, a boring and simple prompt but at least the colors are a bit exciting.

#16- Wear Class Colors
– While most of the color days are boring, at least class color day has some attached meaning to the colors.

#15- Wear Neon Colors
– This is where the days start to get more exciting, as there were lots of very flashy outfits people couldn’t or wouldn’t wear on any normal day.

#14- Wear Crazy Glasses
– This is also a mildly exciting day as we aren’t normally allowed to wear sunglasses, but it was very minor and not very flashy.

#13- Dad Day
– Dad day lead to quite a lot of funny outfits, but sadly not many people participated in it.

#12- TV or Movie Character Day
– This was an example of a great idea but it was a bit too complex for many students to even try to dress up for it, leading to very low participation.

#11- Santa VS Grinch

– Santa vs Grinch day was a little bland concept wise but was very fun to participate in as the people who didn’t dress up were villianized (as they should be).

#10- Disney Day
– Disney day was a fun concept and had decent participation, over all a good dress up day.

#9- Rodeo Days
–  Rodeo Days are fun recurring days that are dragged down a little since half the school dresses like cowboys everyday anyways.

#8- Jersey Days
– Jersey days are always a great time because you get to see everybody’s favorite sport teams and try to not get into fight with all your teachers over them.

#7- Ugly Sweater Day

– Ugly Sweater Day is always fun seeing the ridiculous sweaters kids come up with for the day.

#6- Christmas Grade Level Day
-The peak of the Christmas dress up days, each grade level had a fun prompt to dress up as and this day had lots of participation.

#5- 90s Day
– 90’s Day is a fun excuse to wear your parents clothes or your favorite thrifted outfit made of old people clothes.

#4- Pajama Days
– Definitely the majorities favorite day, Pajama Day is by and far the most participated day of all, and student seem to love it so much they dress up for it every day!

#3- Halloween

– The world’s favorite dress up day is up next, being one of the best days of the school year for all grades.

#2- Anything but A Backpack
-Anything but a Backpack Day is the most creative dress up day by far, both in prompt and in the crazy objects people managed to lug around all day.

First place (#1)- Hippie Day

– Coming in at first place is Hippie Day, the pinnacle of senior year and by far the most participated day of all of them (besides pajama day of course).